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We manufacture - Helium Parade Balloons, Helium Spheres, Cold Air Advertising Balloons, Helium Airships

Ultimate Inflatable Balloon Systems™

Helium Parade Balloons

Kenneth The Elf Parade Balloon

Big Ideas Parade Giants Studio manufactures the finest premium giant helium parade balloons and inflatable airtight sealed parade floats available. We provide giant inflatable helium parade balloons for clients parades all over the United States including major Thanksgiving Day parades, Christmas Holiday parades, and parades throughout the World. The exclusive fabrics we use are specially formulated to our exact specifications. Our proprietary fabrics provide the customer with the best looking, longer lasting, and helium efficient product. All of our fabrics and the components we use are manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Helium Spheres & Shapes

Bud Light Lime Helium Spheres

Big Ideas Parade Giants Studio manufactures standard helium spheres and other shapes we designed that provide for high visibility for all types of special events. Our custom shape capabilities also include working with your concept or design.

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Airtight Inflatables

Air Force Jet Airtight Inflatable Balloon

Big Ideas Parade Giants manufactures cold air sealed balloons, also called sealed airtight balloons or inflatables. We only build your product with urethane coated fabrics, not PVC. Be sure to read about our product materials and standards regarding our sealed airtight balloons. They are identical to our helium parade balloons with regard to quality, construction and materials.

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Cold Air Inflatable Balloons

Lotti Cold Air Inflatgable Balloon

Big Ideas Parade Giants Studio manufactures cold air advertising inflatable balloons ranging in size from 5 ft - 50 ft or more that are built of tough and durable vinyl coated fabrics. Your cold air balloon inflatable is made from fabrics that are Fire Retardant, UV Treated, and Mildew Resistant. These features enable them to withstand years of use.

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Welcome to Big Ideas Parade Giants!

Whale Parade Balloon

About Us

We make great balloons! Big Ideas Parade Giants Studio is a unique blend of companies operated by Chip Schilling and Ken Moody who together have over 55 years experience in the giant inflatable balloon business.

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Ken Sculpting Model Balloon Standards

Product Standards

There are only a hand full of companies in the World that manufacture premium helium parade balloons.

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Our Clients Say...

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“ You made the process enjoyable because we were kept in the loop throughout the entire process. As a customer I was given much attention and commend you on your service. ” Kaela Prochaska, Marketing Communications - Duncan Aviation

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“ The Trussardi Foundation and myself can only recommend the service of Big Ideas: together we had the honor to really do something unusual, something that might push the limits of balloon flying.” Massimiliano Gioni, Artistic Director - Trussardi Foundation