Inflatable Product Materials and Standards

Our Helium And Sealed Airtight Inflatable Balloon Fabrics

We take the quality of our materials, our construction methods, and the finished end product very seriously. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our products, materials and how we construct giant inflatables.

There are subtle and extreme differences in helium parade balloon materials used in the industry. The majority of inflatable balloon companies do not manufacture their own helium balloons. Instead, they job them out to companies overseas, especially helium products. There are only a hand full of companies in the World that construct premium helium parade balloons or Airtight Inflatables and Big Ideas Parade Giants is one of them.

Vinyl Products

Vinyl used in balloon construction is similar to the fabric used to make swimming pool toys and tends to stretch out of shape when exposed to the heat of the sun. Vinyl balloons have no woven fabric to help hold the shape or add strength. Vinyl balloons are stretchy and easily punctured. The darker the material the more prone it is to heat up and swell out of shape. Vinyl material is usually imported into the USA as well as the balloons that are constructed out of it.

Our Urethane Fabric

Our USA milled Urethane materials are constructed by coating or laminating a thin layer of urethane on both sides of fabric such as taffeta or ripstop nylon. With a fabric membrane that is the center of the urethane coatings, stretching is minimal and distortion and swelling out of shape from the heat of the sun is not an issue when using Urethane material. Woven fabric makes Urethane material more durable and puncture resistant. Even when unsupported by woven fabric, Urethane is far better than Vinyl at lower gauge thickness for helium holding qualities and Urethane will not crack in cold weather like Vinyl does.

The materials we use are tested by us for strength, sealability, coating adhesion, and hot and cold exposure and how it relates to performance and longevity of the end product. We have many fabrics we use and many varied fabrics that we test. Some of the fabrics we use are formulated (coatings) to our specifications and custom milled for us. We can have custom fabrics milled to meet your specifications too.

Our warranty reflects the quality of the urethane fabrics we use and our proprietary construction methods. Included with most of the helium retention and airtight products we produce is a 12 month warranty that covers workmanship and materials on all our our custom helium parade and inflatable helium balloon creations, however, you can expect many years of use! We also provide custom instructions for each custom helium parade balloon we manufacture. Professional installation or training at your event is also available for larger inflatable systems.

Cold Air Inflatable Advertising Balloon Fabric

*There is only one choice of fabric when building giant inflatables. They come in different colors and a range of thicknesses. Fabrics we use to build our cold air inflatable advertising balloons, inflatable props, and other cold air inflated products are milled in the USA. They must be manufactured using vinyl coated fabrics that have been specially treated to provide the following characteristics:

1. UV Treated – for protection from the sun’s UV rays.

2. Mildew Resistant – protection from moisture / water.

3. Fire Retardant – fire rated and resistant.

Fabrics with these characteristics are the best choice because they provide the best protection during use, and add to the longevity of the product. These fabrics also provide ease of cleaning of the product so it’s always looking it’s best. When it comes to putting the shapes together, we use industrial sewing machines and commercial sewing techniques to ensure strength and durability of the finished product. Anything without these characteristics and manufacturing methods is an inferior, cheaper product usually manufactured in China or India that will lead in fact to early potential product failure and short product life. In most cases our Warranty covers product workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months, however, expect many years of use from our products.