Custom Helium UAV Airships

Custom – Remote Control – UAV Airships

Custom UAV Helium Airships

Big Ideas Parade Giants custom manufactures large UAV airship envelopes for unmanned Surveillance, Military, Scientific and Advertising purposes ranging in size from 45 ft to 120 ft.

We can provide helium UAV airship envelopes from 45ft – 120 ft long.  We completed a 86 ft X 26 ft diameter helium UAV airship envelope which uses state of the art control technology and was subjected to rigorous testing . It is available for lease or we can build one for you according to your needs.

Remote Control - UAV Helium Airship

If you have a special project that requires a custom manufactured helium UAV airship or helium gas retention cells we can build to your specifications. We have available many different types of fabrics. We can also have custom fabrics produced according to your needs. We also have manned and unmanned airships available for lease. Contact us with your requirements for a quotation.




Overall Length 90 ft
Overall Height 39 ft
Diameter 23 ft
Envelope Volume 21,000 cubic ft
Ballonet Volume 2,500 cubic ft
Max Airspeed 48 MPH
Cruise Speed 12-18 MPH
Ground Control Radius + 12 Miles
Max Duration of Flight 6.0 – 10.0 hours
Anti Wind Capability 4-5 Level

Photo and HD Broadcast Video Capable
Banners Side 50 ft x 14 ft
Banner Bottom 14 ft x 7 ft
Full Graphics Available

Internal Lighting System 2,000 Watts


* Emergency Management
* Military
* Surveillance

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