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Ken Moody Parade Balloon Artist

Big Ideas Parade Giants Ken Moody, industry known leader and designer of parade balloons, started building parade balloons over 25 years ago. A true parade balloon artist, his work has been seen in parades and events since 1990 throughout the USA, Moscow, London, Milan, Italy, Tokyo, Japan, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. His creations have included Yogi Bear™, Lucy™, Charlie Brown™, Cookie Monster™, Grover, Yogi Bear, Hagar the Horrible, Life with Louie, Mr. Potatohead, George Jetson, Woody Wood Pecker, Cat in the Hat With Fish Bowl, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and Betty Boop to name a few.

In 2007, Ken Moody of Big Ideas Parade Giants was largely responsible along with Chip Schilling, Massimiliano Gioni, and Pawel Althamer, a contemporary Polish artist, in the creation and construction of one of the largest floating human sculptures ever created in the World. The figure, a 70 Ft tall helium balloon sculpture of artist Pawel Althamer, flew for one month above the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, in Milan, Italy, achieving International Acclaim.

With Ken Moody as leader of our design team, his high quality and complex designs make our helium parade balloons truly Parade Giants in the helium parade balloon industry.
Chip Schilling

Chip Schilling has over 33 years experience with giant balloons beginning with hot air balloons in 1979. He was involved in hundreds of flights and special event promotions with Jim Griswold and Fantasy Flights Hot Air Balloon Company in Manlius, NY. He became a FAA Certified Commercial hot air balloon pilot in 1985. His interest and experience started with giant inflatables at that time providing sales and rentals. “We used to do lots promotions using hot air balloons and if the weather didn’t cooperate we could pull out the cold air inflatables. That’s what started the interest in giant inflatables.” For the past 27 years Chip has provided hundreds of clients throughout the USA and the World the best giant inflatables made. Quality and realism is always his priority when providing inflatable products to his customers.

Chip handles marketing and sales for Big Ideas Parade Giants. He will guide you through the process of creating your giant inflatable, help you make important choices regarding the type and size inflatable you need, and assist you with design and artwork finals. His ultimate function is to assure your project is completed the way you envision it and that it’s delivered to you on time, every time.

“I take great pride in knowing that we’re one of a few premium balloon builders in the world that have our capabilities. We can build helium, airtight sealed, blimp envelopes, aerostats, and many other customized products. It’s a nice position to be in and a fun challenge to maintain.”