Sealed Airtight Envelopes and Gas Storage Bladders

Custom Specialized Airtight Envelopes & Gas Storage Bladders

Big Ideas Parade Giants provides design and technical assistance to help develope and create your project. We specialize in inflatable airtight bladders and envelopes for a variety of special needs including liquid storage, helium storage, and other special needs. We custom manufacture to your specifications for your unique special inflatable project needs for scientific, military, or other special uses from your design, concept or blueprint. We use specialized fabrics from 3 oz to 30 oz to manufacture airtight sealed inflatables for many different applications.

Example: The photo below was a project we did for The Boeing Company. It required a high pressure quick fill airtight collar with special fittings and attachment points to fit the nose of a 747 Jet. We worked with the drawings and produced the collar to the specifications required.

High Pressure Airtight Collar

Custom Airtight Inflatable Collar for The Boeing Company

Sealed Airtight Heavy Duty Inflatable Envelopes / Bladders

These custom bladder envelopes can be made using different materials for support and gas storage. They are sealable and airtight. They are available with different inflation fittings and airtight zippers depending on you individual specifications.

Custom Airtight Inflatable Bladders

Helium Parade Balloons

Custom Airtight Parade Floats

Helium Spheres

Airtight Inflatable Balloons

Cold Air Inflatables

Custom Helium UAV Airship

High Wind Aerostat

Special Airtight Inflatables