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Cold Air Advertising Inflatable Balloons

Cold air inflatables are excellent marketing tools. We can take your your product, concept or mascot and turn it into a giant sized revenue building replica. We have BiG iDEAS for you!

Big Ideas Parade Giants manufactures premium cold air inflatables and advertising balloons using only Flame Retardant, UV Treated, Mildew Resistant fabrics made from durable 7-15 oz. vinyl coated nylon.

All of our cold air inflatables are sewn together using commercial fabrics and construction techniques and any finishing paint and airbrush detailing is then applied. An electric fan is required to blow air into the balloon and pressurize it, which makes it take shape. Everything needed for immediate operation is included. Sizes can range from 5 ft – 45 ft high or more.

Cold Air Inflatables – Advertising Balloon Fabric

*There is only one choice of fabric when building giant inflatables. They come in different colors and a range of thicknesses. Fabrics we use to build our cold air inflatable advertising balloons, inflatable props, and other cold air inflated products are milled in the USA. They must be manufactured using vinyl coated fabrics that have been specially treated to provide the following characteristics:

1. UV Treated – for protection from the sun’s UV rays.

2. Mildew Resistant – protection from moisture / water.

3. Fire Retardant – fire rated and resistant.

Fabrics with these characteristics are the best choice because they provide the best protection during use, and add to the longevity of the product. These fabrics also provide ease of cleaning of the product so it’s always looking it’s best. When it comes to putting the shapes together, we use industrial sewing machines and commercial sewing techniques to ensure strength and durability of the finished product. Anything without these characteristics and manufacturing methods is an inferior, cheaper product usually manufactured in China or India that will lead in fact to early potential product failure and short product life. In most cases our Warranty covers product workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months, however, expect many years of use from our products.

Cold Air Inflatables – Pricing Guide

Custom manufactured one-of-a-kind giant cold air inflatables are priced according to size, shape, detailing required, etc. Generally, you can use the price chart below as a guide.

Cold Air Advertisng Balloon Pricing Guide

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